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How can you increase sales and customer loyalty?

  • Increasing the number of returning clients to your business
  • Increasing sales of profitable products - "up-sell"
  • Increasing sales of additional products - "cross-sell"

79% of buyers use the smart phone for shopping activities

70% use their phone while doing shopping

74% of shoppers have made a purchase as a result of using the smartphone
(ThinkMobile 2011)

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Your Business!

We offer you the fastest and the most effective way to get your own mobile business application.

Mobile apps provides you with the most effective communication channel, with your customers, directly on their smartphones.

Customers spend more than 4 hours per day on smart phones and over 120 minutes on average per day on mobile applications - (Conn. Int. SmartMeter).

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Restaurants

Restaurants can now keep in touch more effectively with their customers, using mobile apps.

Menus, reservations, events, directions on GPS, are just some of the facilities offered, all in an exceptional design on all smartphones.

Over 73% of customers use their smart phone in restaurants and 48% use it while eating - (ThinkMobile 2011).

Mobile Apps for Restaurants

Android Mobile Apps

Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, all are now hosts for your application!

The same exceptional design is delivered on applications for Android, accompanied by the same content, offering the same features. Can be updated instantly online with changes being propagated on all platforms within minutes.

Every day, more than a million smart phones are activated in the world.

Over 30 million applications are downloaded daily on Android phones and iPhone.

Android Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Cafes

We have launched a custom application specially designed for cafes.

Holistically designed to provide effective ways to ensure you constant stream of customers in your café and to communicate your promotions and events instantly.

76% of customers seeking on their mobile phone the location and the timetable - (Compuware 2012).

61% of customers looking for the click-to-call function
- (Compuware 2012).

Mobile Apps for Cafes

Mobile Apps for Clubs and Bars

Our specially designed app for clubs and bars provide them with their own communication channel with their fans.

The app allows you to easily show the club’s atmosphere with the images in the gallery, and stream live music and videos.

PUSH Push notifications ensure that more customers attend each and every event.

Video on mobile penetration reached 18% and music
went over 17% - (Mobile Insights).

PUSH messages success rate is 100%.

Mobile Apps for Clubs and Bars

Mobile Apps for Auto Dealers

Motorists love their cars!

We provide the perfect platform for auto dealers to always stay connected with their customers and build brand loyalty.

The app can be used to send reminders of planned maintenance work, advertise monthly deals and send information on service work progress.

Over 80% of smart phone owners own a personal car
- (Mobile Adv. Congr. 2012).

72% of Internet users use smart phone "in motion"
- (ThinkMobile 2012).

Mobile Apps for Auto Dealers

Mobile Apps for Fitness and Wellness Centers

GYM, SPA and Wellness centers can greatly benefit from the implementation of mobile apps..

Their customers will appreciate the cool features present in our apps, which will give them reasons to return and continue the exercises, workouts and relaxation sessions.

Over 65% of smart phone owners listen to music during exercise at the gym - (Mobile Adv. Congr. 2012).

72% of Internet users use smart phone "in motion"
- (ThinkMobile 2012).

Applications for Fitness and Wellness

Mobile Apps for Women

Women appreciate good design more than an endless array of technical features..

From luxury goods and jewelry, online magazines for women or certified information on plastic surgery, the exclusive apps for women list is open.

Do you own a business focused on women and their needs? Get in touch!

36% of women would give up chocolate to keep their smartphone - (ThinkMobile 2012).

26% of women would give up pen to keep their smartphone - (ThinkMobile 2012).

Mobile Applications for Women

Mobile Apps for Hotels and Real Estate

Hotels can now promote their services directly to their loyal customers during their stay and between trips.

With the help of our dedicated app real estate developers can offer their customers an exclusive and controlled environment thus improving networking between residents and answering their questions in a timely manner.

Marriott Hotels 2011 mobile sales averaged
$ 6 million per month, an increase of 100% over the previous year - (Compuware 2011).

Applications for Hotels and Real Estate

Mobile Apps Design

If you have few hundred clients or several thousands (or tens of thousands), mobile applications represent the quickest way to communicate with your customers and promote your business directly on their smartphones.


Responsive Web Design

According to a study commissioned by Google: 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information. 61% have contacted location and 59% have visited. 94% of these individuals have acted in 24 hours.


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